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Private Online Reading Tutoring

Humans Can Read tutoring sessions are developed around your child’s needs. By determining where your children is in their reading and literacy journey, a specialize plan will be created to help them fill the gaps. 

Humans Can Read offers tutoring from an Orton Gillingham Trained Tutor. 

  • Sessions typically last 55 minutes and can be booked 1-3 days a week. 
  • Tutoring is completed online via Google Meet. 
  • Students will need to have a computer or ipad available to them. 
  • Students will need to have materials such as a red and green crayon, screen, sand and other items. A list will be provided. 

Tutoring fees are $60 per 55 minute session and are due at the beginning of the month. Please click here to see the contract we will sign.

Book an initial consultation with Krista to determine if tutoring is the best fit for your reader. 

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