The following scope and sequence will be followed for the beginning readers live classes.

OrderConceptHeart Words (Spell & Read)Read Only
1Mm /m/ (marshmallow)the
2Aa /a/ (apple)was
3Oo /o/ (octopus)is
4Hh /h/ (hammer)a
5Gg /g/ (goat)on
6Cc /c/ (cat)and
7Dd /d/ (dog)to
8Tt /t/ (turtle)for
9Ii /i/ (igloo)go
10Jj /j/ (jam)i, like
11Kk /k/ (kite)of, will
12Pp /p/ (pig)get, no
13Uu /u/ (umbrella)want, with
14Bb /b/ (bat)said, you
15Rr /r/ (raccoon)in, put
16Ff /f/ (fish)see, stop
Nn /n/ (nose)from, off
he, has
have, me
his, as
my, into
now, new
or, by
do, are
they, any