Literacy is Everything.

Imagine your child is 12. They’re sitting at the table in tears. They can’t process what they just read because every ounce of energy and working memory they had was expended just trying to read the page.

That is 20% of American children.

Children like that example can’t build fluency or automaticity because they weren’t given a foundation for reading. Because reading doesn’t come natural to humans, we must build those neurological pathways to make reading automatic. 

Early readers need explicit and systematic instruction. Children that are dyslexic or struggling readers need explicit and systemic instruction to become fluent readers.

Like my grad school professor said over and over again – Practice Makes Permanent – including those bad habits that inhibit reading.

Let’s practice something worth making permanent.

Developed by a Home Educating Children’s Book Author & Burgeoning Literacy Expert

Our founder is a home educator, children’s book author and is currently enrolled in a rigorous Master of Science in Education program that focuses on reading and literacy. She completed Orton Gillingham training in February 2023 and is currently working through an additional Orton Gillingham practicum.

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Orton-Gillingham Approach

We’re proud to tutor using the Orton-Gillingham Approach. Our founder is Orton-Gillingham trained and is currently working through her OGA Practicum being overseen by a OG Fellow and is on the path to become OGA Certified. 

Our founder currently holds:

  • Orton Gillingham Plus Training via IMSE
  • BS Marketing & Communications with a Public Relations Minor
  • BS Business Administration

She is enrolled in the MSEd Reading and Literacy program at Bay Path University, an IDA accredited university. She is working through her Orton-Gillingham practicum.